Embedded Systems 101

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Lessons for new Embedded System Users

Please note that some these lessons are based on SJ One Board. This article is suited for:

  • New Programmers without any programming background
  • Experienced Programmers who want to learn Embedded Programming on SJ One Board.

Useful Links

Student Project Videos

Here are the lesson plans:

Debugging Your Code

  • Check your syntax:
    • Are you missing a semicolon?
    • Do you have a semicolon where its not needed? (at the end of an if statement: if(..);)
  • Variables:
    • Have you defined the variable
    • Have you defined the same variable twice?
    • Have you spelled your variables wrong?
  • Include Files: Have you included all the necessary files using #include <..>
  • printf:
    • Does the number of format specifiers (%f, %c, etc.,.) match the number of variables?
  • Are you using an assignment operator ( = ) in the place of a comparison operator (== )

Board Interfaces

Please reference the following link to find out how to connect your board to different external devices :
Sensor Interfaces