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Every semester, some students rate how much they've learned from the courses taught so I decided to gather up their comments :

Hi Preet,
I am Gaurao Chaudhari from your 243 class Fall 15. I was planning to mail you long back as soon as the semester was over. But I thought, I'll mail you after some days into the holidays. I am writing this mail not as a feedback to you but some general words for you and about what I learned from you and this Class 243. The feedback page was too commonplace for something like this.
This class was not exactly a class but a live discussion forum. You were so easy to go with and easily got us acquainted with all the new concepts that were showered upon us daily. Your way of teaching was very practical, exactly like what is done in industries. I had taken this class just because I liked embedded and the feedback of this class was overwhelming. Looking at the name of the class's name 'Embedded System Application', the first thought that came to my mind was that this might be a theoretical class. Gradually, I came to know that there is 'some' car which we have to make. But finally, when I entered the class, I had this intuition that I'll definitely take home something great.
GIT - We can post our projects on GIT, but who gets an idea of handling their class project on GIT. I had an account on git, had tried previously, but there was nothing as remarkable as this CAR project. Everywhere, people ask, 'Have you guys made this thing.' We proudly say, yes, we have made this. What's important is not the appreciation from others, but the sense of satisfaction which we get after working so hard on something like this. This is true that the final day stands good for someone and not so good for some. But what finally mattered for us all was the journey we went through.
The most innovative part which I felt was the uploading of the project report on wiki. It was for the wiki page that we were able to showcase our design talents on that web page.
Technology - Okay, Implementation - Okay, Testing - Okay, Handling a project with a manager - Okay. But handling a project without a manager', now that needs some efforts. And we were easily able to do that. Our personal and leadership skills were tested in this journey.
I was so overwhelmed by your explanations from the automotive industry that I took up an IOT competition and decided to target the automotive industry. Now we are developing some use-cases for cars.
Professors like you are rare. Thank you the wonderful experience. Eagerly waiting ahead to take Class 244 under you and try something innovative there.
Gaurao - January 2016

Hello Preet, Good morning and Happy Tuesday.
I am student from your CMPE 243 class. As me and my team were testing the obstacle avoidance with our car yesterday, I had a great feeling of learning so much in such less time. I am in my third semester and it just feels like that the courses CMPE 244 and CMPE 243 are the only courses that have helped me understand, enjoy, learn and survive at my workplace. I am writing an SPI code to interface a controller and a flow sensor at work, and all that I look back for reference is
I am working on motor and I/O for the CMPE 243 project and I hope I learn more and succeed well in making my car run perfectly.
All I want to tell you is, THANK YOU, Preet. I promised you last semester that I will come back, take CMPE 243 and work hard. I'll try my best to keep up my promise.
Thank you so much,
Akhil - 2015

On a side note, I had an interview this past Thursday for a software development position. One of the questions they asked me was regarding polymorphism and your advice/teaching payed off exponentially. They called Friday and offered me the position stating "I blew the other interviewers out the water". Thank you for your help and I really appreciate your tutelage; preparing us for interviews and pushing us to become better engineers.
Thanks, Chris - 05/12/2013

Hi Preet,How are you? I just want to share a good news with you that I got a job in Nvidia as a Embedded Engineer. You know what Preet 60-70% of questions in interview was from CMPE-146 class. All those bit shifting, volatile keyword, stack, task and whatever you taught in class. Thank you Preet for making our future bright. Thank you
Himanshu - 04/10/2013

Hello Preet,

I wanted to thank you for all your help and your suggestion over summer relating to my internship. The tremendous amount of help and knowledge you gave me during my Remote Controlled MP3 player project set me up for Image Signal Processing (touch response/performance). My manager at Intel was so interested in the Remote Controlled MP3 player that he asked for the link to your Wiki page so he could get a better understanding of everything that went into it. Essentially, CmpE 146 and your help turned my summer internship at Intel into a job!! My internship ended August 17th but they kept me on and I'm now working there part-time due to school. Hope you don't mind that I gave your Wiki link to my manager.

Thanks again, Tom
Tom - 08/23/2012

Dr. Ozemek and Preet,

I wanted to personally thank both of you for giving me the opportunity to learn and be inspired from your experiences. The lessons I learned and the confidence I gained in CmpE 146 have continued to reward me in a variety of courses and areas of my life. I don't know when it happened but at some point after taking 146 my work transformed from "something I have to do for school" to "something I have to do for me."
In my last semester as an undergraduate student at SJSU, while taking some of the most challenging courses in the CmpE program, I earned my first 4.0 GPA. I had to let you know that I attribute a large part of my success to you. I will be forever grateful of your commitment to push me out of my comfort zone; and now I feel like I have developed a level of confidence where I can push myself to new heights.
To be clear, I did not graduate from SJSU. I will be returning in the fall to start working on my Masters Degree in Computer Engineering as part of the accelerated program.

Thanks for Everything,
Akash - 06/09/2011