Project Proposal Guidelines

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The purpose of a project proposal is to access different possibilities of the project you will complete in a course. This should not only capture what you are willing to accomplish, but also serve as a preliminary project plan.


Please keep in mind the following things :

  • Promise less, deliver more
    It is better to promise less features, but make them work 100%
    Every feature adds code, and every if statement doubles your testing effort.

Sample Project Proposal

Project proposal should have the following sections :

  • Abstract
    List out what you are going to accomplish with minimum number of lines
  • Features
    List out the features your project will contain
    Be careful of promising too much
  • Parts List
    List all the parts or components that you will interface
  • Project Complexity
    This is the list of features that turn into development modules.
    What will it take to accomplish a feature?
    Example: A simple obstacle avoiding car needs many items:
    • Interface with distance sensors
    • Interface with motor controllers
    • Write algorithm to control movement