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Create New Pages

  1. One way to create a page is to put your article name in search and click "Search".
    If no article with that name is found, click on "Create the page" on this Wiki!!
  2. Second way to create a page is to put a link of that page on an existing one. For example, you may edit this page to link to your new page. Save this page with the link, and you will see the page in RED font indicating that the page links to nowhere. Once you click it, you can now edit your new page.

Common Wiki Elements

  • Headings are enclosed in == signs. For example, heading 2 would be like == My H2 == or === My H3 ===
  • Bullets start with * or with # for numbered list. For sub-bullets, you may use #: or *: depending on which bullets you are using. You may also use ## for numbered sub-bullets, and #* for regular bullets.
  • Internal article links are simply enclosed in [[ and ]], such as [[Another Wiki Link]]
    Internal article links may have different text for link with [[RealArticle| Real Article Name]]
  • External links are simple enclosed in [ and ] and it can be named anything, such as: [ of Website]
  • To perform Syntax Highlight, use these tags:
    <syntaxhighlight lang="c"> int myCode=0; </syntaxhighlight >

Common Formats @ Wiki