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Interview preparation requires proficient knowledge of C/C++. This article has just been recently written (July 2013) and will be elaborated soon; the articles in RED are waiting to be written. The hope is that this article will be "one-stop-shop" for most common C/C++ interview questions.

Frequently Asked Topics

C++ Object Oriented Topics

Operating Systems Topics

FreeRTOS Tutorial

FreeRTOS is a real-time OS that has many ports for various different controllers. This is a great system to learn about because it gives you the fundamental knowledge of an operating system while making it incredibly easy to learn the material. Here's a must-read tutorial :

Other OS Topics

Miscellaneous Topics

Bit Fiddling

BSS and Data Segments


Sorting Topics


Embedded C Interview Questions and Answers

The following link would navigate to some questions that are very commonly asked in interviews(Cisco,Intacct,WNI etc.). It encloses some C programs as well.