GPIO Interface

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This article shows how to use one of the pins on the SJ-One board as either an INPUT or OUTPUT pin.


The latest version of sample projects or development folder includes a GPIO C++ class. To use a pin for GPIO, see the source code example below :

/// Include the GPIO file
#include "gpio.hpp"

int main(void)
    * Locate a pin on your board that you'd 
    * like to use either as INPUT or OUTPUT
    * Let's use P1.19 (as labeled on the Board)
    * You can use any other pins as defined by
    * LPC1758_GPIO enumeration at gpio.hpp file.
    GPIO myPin(P1_19);   // Control P1.19
    myPin.setAsOutput(); // Use the pin as output pin

    // Let's blink an LED on P1.19 :
    while(1) {
        myPin.setHigh();     // Pin will now be at 3.3v

        myPin.setLow();      // Pin will now be at 0.0v

    return 0;