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Get Development Package

  1. This article shows you how to write software for SJ One Board. The first step to getting started with the Development Package is to get the package itself!
    SourceForge SJSU Development Package
  2. Get the Development Package and unzip in your C drive
    It is important to NOT unzip at your desktop
    The unzipped path should not have spaces
  3. Follow the steps below; screenshots of reference images are included.
    You can also watch a Video Demonstration

Virtual Machine Development Package

Follow this article if you want to run a virtual Linux image. Note that running a VM requires a beefy laptop/desktop, and it only runs well if you can dedicate at least 2.5Gbyte of RAM and 2 CPUs for the VM. So if you have a slow windows machine, I would recommend get the Windows package.

Step by Step Tutorial

Here are steps to follow in order to compile program for Embedded Processors:

1. Plug-in your development board
   If Windows doesn't install the drivers, browse to your Development Package for the driver

Driver is in Development Package directory

2. Once Board driver is installed, open up Eclipse32_Emb.bat file
   Eclipse will start and sample projects will appear on the left side.

Browse Development Folder directory to find bat file

3. Once Eclipse opens, open ONLY ONE project. Close other projects if they are open.
   You can right click on one of the sample projects and then choose Open Project

Open Eclipse Project

4. Press Ctrl+B to build your project
   Popup window will appear leading to "Build Finished" in the console below.

Build Project

Now it is time to load the compiled program to the Embedded Board
5. Open up Hyperload from the Development Package
6. Your Board appears as a "COM" Port. Open up an available COM Port.
7. In Eclipse, there will be a _Build or Release directory, locate *.hex file
     Drag & Drop this file to Hyperload
     (or you can click OPEN button in Hyperload to do the same thing)
     Press RESET button on your Embedded Board to start Programming.
     After Programming completes, close the COM Port in Hyperload

Programming in Hyperload

8. Open up Hercules from your Development Package
   Browse to Serial Port Tab, and select 38400bps
   Select the same COM Port as you did in Hyperload and click OPEN
   Press the RESET button again to see the output of your program.

View Output in Hercules

Troubleshooting & Hints

  • Clicking on Set in Hyperload CPU Frequency section will make more choices appear under COM Port speed.
    You can program at any of the baud rates listed

  • Note that you can only open up COM Port in ONE Program
    If you are programming, close COM Port in Hercules and open in Hyperload
    If you wish to look at the output, close COM Port in Hyperload and open in Hercules
  • Hyperload will always grab the latest HEX file before programming
    Only change HEX file if you are working on another project.