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*  [[Embedded System Tutorial FreeRTOS | Lesson 6 : FreeRTOS Tasks]]
*  [[Embedded System Tutorial FreeRTOS | Lesson 6 : FreeRTOS Tasks]]
*  [[Embedded System Tutorial File I/O | Lesson 7 : FreeRTOS Application Programming]]
*  [[Embedded System Tutorial File I/O | Lesson 7 : FreeRTOS Application Programming]]
==== Class Project ====
* [[MP3 Player]]
==Other reference articles==
==Other reference articles==

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Program History

My contribution in Embedded System courses started with CmpE146. This course teaches students on how to write UART, SPI, and I2C Drivers and interface their drivers to peripherals. There are about 8 weekly labs in which students not only write drivers, but also learn the core of Real-time Operating Systems including threading (tasks), and inter-task communication using Queues and Semaphores. FreeRTOS is the operating system used with C/C++ Compiler based on GNU.

When the course was started by Dr. Ozemek @ SJSU (sometime before 2005), not many resources were out there. Still, with helpful guidance from Dr. Ozemek, interesting projects were created. This is when I started to help out in Embedded System Courses, and by collecting and sharing knowledge, we've raised the bar at SJSU!

There have been many great projects at SJSU, but since no one knew about them, the hard work went to a waste for anyone but the creator. But now we've got the infrastructure to share the projects, which turn out as great references for future students. Here is my project that started around 2007, and turned into Bachelor's Senior Design Project:
YouTube Video of Self-Navigating Car

As of 2013, I have broadened my contribution to other embedded system courses like CmpE240, CmpE243 and CmpE244.

Lab Assignments

This article contains laboratory assignments and resources. The assignments are under construction as we move towards SJ-One development board.

Class Project

Other reference articles

Senior Design Projects

Semester Projects

Every semester, students are given about 7-10 weeks to complete their projects. During this short time-span, students form groups, order parts, and begin working on their projects. The work performed during the semester is documented at this Wiki.

Here is the list of Preet's documented projects:

Here is another resource for good project references : Cornell EE476 Projects


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