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Project Title

Space Impact - Game using FreeRTOS


Space Impact is a classic game from the days of the Nokia era. Our objective is to design a game in which a player is prompted to protect a spaceship from incoming missiles by moving the ship up and down. The player will also have the ability to fire back at the incoming enemies. The enemy ship's movements will speed up as the game progresses, increasing the difficulty of the game.

Example Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh49RWFnZHk

Objectives & Introduction

Show list of your objectives. This section includes the high level details of your project. You can write about the various sensors or peripherals you used to get your project completed.

Team Members & Responsibilities

  • Nikhil Pabbisetty
  • Hari Haran Kura
  • Daniel Tsai


Week# Date Task Current Progress Actual Completion Date
1 10/15/2019
  • Create our own Wikipedia page of Space Impact.
  • Delegation of tasks to each team member.
  • Discuss the various challenges that might come up with during the design phase and report it as top questions.
  • Discuss what kind of components would be needed for our design.
In Progress N/A
2 10/22/2019
  • Finalize the Bill of Materials.
  • Place order for Hardware components.
In Progress N/A
3 10/29/2019
  • Reading the 64x64 LED-Matrix datasheet.
  • Initial design implementation.
In Progress N/A

Parts List & Cost

Give a simple list of the cost of your project broken down by components. Do not write long stories here.

Design & Implementation

The design section can go over your hardware and software design. Organize this section using sub-sections that go over your design and implementation.

Hardware Design

Discuss your hardware design here. Show detailed schematics, and the interface here.

Hardware Interface

In this section, you can describe how your hardware communicates, such as which BUSes used. You can discuss your driver implementation here, such that the Software Design section is isolated to talk about high level workings rather than inner working of your project.

Software Design

Show your software design. For example, if you are designing an MP3 Player, show the tasks that you are using, and what they are doing at a high level. Do not show the details of the code. For example, do not show exact code, but you may show psuedocode and fragments of code. Keep in mind that you are showing DESIGN of your software, not the inner workings of it.


This section includes implementation, but again, not the details, just the high level. For example, you can list the steps it takes to communicate over a sensor, or the steps needed to write a page of memory onto SPI Flash. You can include sub-sections for each of your component implementation.

Testing & Technical Challenges

Describe the challenges of your project. What advise would you give yourself or someone else if your project can be started from scratch again? Make a smooth transition to testing section and described what it took to test your project.

Include sub-sections that list out a problem and solution, such as:

<Bug/issue name>

Discuss the issue and resolution.


Conclude your project here. You can recap your testing and problems. You should address the "so what" part here to indicate what you ultimately learnt from this project. How has this project increased your knowledge?

Project Video

Upload a video of your project and post the link here.

Project Source Code



Any acknowledgement that you may wish to provide can be included here.

References Used

List any references used in project.


You can list the references you used.